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Two surprising facts about custom-made rings

Below are two surprising facts about custom-made rings.

They not as expensive as most people think they are

Many people who would love to get custom-made rings created for their nuptials or as gifts don't do so because they believe that any ring which is custom-made must cost a fortune. In reality, the price a jewellery maker charges a client for the production of a handmade ring depends on several factors, and in many instances, a person can order a ring like this and end up paying surprisingly little for it.

For example, if a person already has a good design idea for the ring and the jewellery maker doesn't, therefore, need to design the jewellery, if the design is simple (for instance, if it's a single gemstone setting on a plain ring band) and if the client wants it to made from an inexpensive material, then the jewellery maker's fee will be relatively small.

The things that could increase the cost of a custom-made ring are expensive materials (like large real diamonds and platinum bands) or a very complex design (such as several ring bands that are woven together and embedded with dozens of tiny gemstones). However, if a person is on a budget, they can still afford a custom ring as long as they steer clear of these things.

Not all custom rings take months to make

Some people who would love to have their own custom-made ring don't order one as they're deterred by the thought that they'll have to wait months for it to be ready. Because most people are used to being able to buy readymade jewellery instantly, this type of waiting period can be quite off-putting.

In reality, not all handmade rings take this long for a jewellery maker to create. If, for example, a couple who want to have their wedding bands handmade order custom ones and ask for them to be made from a common material (like gold) and to feature a very simple engraving, then the jewellery maker could potentially be able to produce these in a week or a fortnight. The only factor that might affect the rings' production speed is the jewellery maker's work schedule and the number of other clients they have at that time, who've ordered rings with more complex designs. However, if they're not busy when they receive this request, then the couple could have their handmade wedding bands very soon after placing their order.

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